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Premier Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers

For the Foothunter and Family


 At Ovation Shorthairs we strive to produce hard hunting dogs that look good doing it. We believe in the value of both conformation and field testing. As such, each of our German Shorthaired Pointers are tested in AKC conformation  tests, Hunt tests, and occasionally NAVHDA tests and AKC field trials. By using both American and German bloodlines to produce our puppies we are working to improve the quality of the breed while keeping a constant eye on the breed standards.

In addition to performance in the field and show ring, we desire versatile gundogs or bird dogs that are affectionate and manageable family members. We have only a few dogs because we believe that an important aspect of owning and training  good German Shorthair Pointers is plenty of individual attention. We are not professional trainers, but we love to train the dogs that we have. Since we are not in the business of mass producing puppies, we only produce one or two litters per year. Our goal is to match top quality dogs with top quality families for a lifetime of companionship and enjoyment. 

Trainability is an important aspect in our selective breeding for versatile gundogs. This starts with proper socialization and bonding with our dogs as puppies and continues with consistent training throughout their adult lives.

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You will find that whatever type of activity you and your family participate in,  German Shorthaired Pointers can do it with you. While our primary focus is on upland bird hunting dogs, our shorthairs thrive on other activities such as fishing trips, hiking, camping, bicycling, long distance running, and horse back riding. They truly are a versatile dog able to thrive in a variety of family environments.kids with sadie.jpg (30190 bytes)

We occasionally have German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale. If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out our questionnaire.

We invite you to ask us any questions you have about German Shorthair Pointers in general, or about our dogs in particular. We also invite you to come take a firsthand  look at our dogs and maybe a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy if available.
We service mainly Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas.

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Our dogs come with an unconditional guarantee against  inheritable genetic defects as well as a general health guarantee upon purchase.*